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Natalie shares her Irlen story wearing a beautiful pair of light green lenses. She is an incredible young lady who was first diagnosed with Irlen syndrome when she was in Year 7 and is now off to University to study Podiatry.

Often embarrassed she was teased from Year 2 at school for her reading difficulty in class and was at the lowest end of her year in reading.

When I’d look at a page I’d lose the centre of the words making it difficult for me to read and comprehend.

My heart sunk when I imagined just how difficult that must have been for her.

Natalie is very athletic and enjoys playing advanced level touch football and triple jump. Her Irlen tinted contact lenses allow her freedom whilst playing sport and help her with her co-ordination, spatial awareness and her ability to gauge depth and perception which is very important when competing.

Natalie’s advice to any kids out there that may be nervous about wearing Irlen lenses…

Don’t be scared about your glasses, everyone thought it was cool, I was wearing blue glasses at school.

A very bright and intelligent young lady, Natalie has noticed that her Irlen lenses have helped her immensely in all areas of her life.

It’s safe to say that Natalie has a very bright future, it was a pleasure hearing and sharing her Irlen success story. If you think you or a loved one may be suffering from Irlen Syndrome book your screening today at the Gold Coast Irlen clinic.