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Natalie’s off to Uni, thanks to Irlen Lenses

Natalie shares her Irlen story wearing a beautiful pair of light green lenses. She is an incredible young lady who was first diagnosed with Irlen syndrome when she was in Year 7 and is now off to University to study Podiatry....

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Ninon Klease on What is Irlen Syndrome?

Ninon Klease on What is Irlen Syndrome? Ninon is a Teacher with 25 years experience and the Diagnostician at the Gold Coast Irlen Diagnostic Clinic. Ninon has supported and diagnosed many people of various ages and walks of life...

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Angela Moon Speaks Up About Her Irlen Glasses

Angela Moon is a well-known Australasian artist with a lovely humble presence who is highly creative and passionate about carrying on her ancestral heritage in memory of her great, great Maori grandmother through her art....

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