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Angela Moon is a well-known Australasian artist with a lovely humble presence who is highly creative and passionate about carrying on her ancestral heritage in memory of her great, great Maori grandmother through her art.

Following her heart, Angela has created an amazing range of products called Maori dreaming that support a mindfulness state and health and well-being in particular her well-known Maori traditional art mandala colouring in books and a beautiful range of gift cards that are selling in Australia and New Zealand.

At school, Angela was teased about being ‘dumb” due to the fact she was shy and had difficulty reading and I was shocked to hear that her school Principal said that she’d amount to nothing. Her confidence was extremely low and it wasn’t until Angela left school that she discovered Irlen spectral filters. Angela studied drama and worked on computers which gave her the confidence to go back to study.

Reading and vision were difficult for Angela as she was seeing halos and wobbly words when reading and halos around lights at night. Angela finds that her Irlen spectral filters help her to see clearly and she can’t speak highly enough of how Irlen spectral filters have improved her life.

With the help of Irlen Spectral Filters (also referred to as Dyslexia Glasses), Angela has completed her education, created a successful career as an artist and is now writing a book and screenplay.

Angela thank you for sharing your story you are a true inspiration.

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